Gregory Laughlin

DivisionPhysical & Biological Sciences
DepartmentPBSci-Astronomy & Astrophysics Dept
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Office279 Interdisciplinary Sci Bldg
Campus Mail StopUCO / Lick Observatory
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Research Interests

My research focuses on the detection and characterization of extrasolar planets and planet-forming environments. I am involved in projects ranging from hydrodynamical and atmospheric modeling (see picture below) to studies of orbital dynamics and evolution, to observational searches for planets using Doppler radial velocity and photometric transit techniques.

Biography, Education and Training

PhD. 1994 UC Santa Cruz

JSPS/NSF Postdoctoral Fellow 1994-1995, NAOJ, Tokyo

Postdoctoral Researcher 1996-1997, University of Michigan

CfSFS Postdoctoral Fellow 1998, UC Berkeley

Space Scientist 1999-2001, NASA Ames