Mandel Lecture May 2017

Title: Einstein, gravitational waves and black holes

Dr. Gabriela Gonzales

Thursday June 1, 2017

7:30 pm

Rio Theatre (1205 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz)

 FREE and open to the general public.

No tickets or reservations will be required for entry.  Seating availability is on a first come basis. Theater will be open for seating starting at 7:00 pm.

Einstein, gravitational waves and black holes

More than hundred years ago, Einstein predicted that there were ripples in the fabric of space-time traveling at the speed of light: gravitational waves. On September 14 2015, the LIGO  detectors in Hanford, Washington and Livingston, Louisiana in the US registered for the first time ever a loud gravitational wave signal traveling through Earth, created more than a billion years ago by the merger of two black holes. A few months later, in December 2015, another signal, also from black holes,  was  detected. These observations marked the beginning of gravitational wave astronomy. We will describe the history and details of the observations, and the gravity-bright  future of the field. 

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