Department Self Study 2007


I Overall Departmental Profile
Ib.1 Total Departmental Extramural Research Funding
Ib.2 Astronomy Grant and Overhead Summary
Ic List of External Seminar and Colloquium Speakers
Id History of Department Chair Appointments and Plans for Succession
Ie Departmental Instructional Load Policy
If.1 Operational and Temporary Academic Staffing Budgets
If.2 Campus-Provided Funds vs. Expenditures: 10-Year History
If.3 Detailed Budget Breakdown, 2006-07
Ig Academic Plan 2005 Update
Ih Divisional Hiring Plan (Search Years)
Ii New Degree Proposals Pending
Ij External Review Report Astronomy 2000
Ik Campus Closure Report from Astronomy External Review June 2001
Il Dean's 18 Month Follow-up to Astronomy External Review February 2003
II Graduate Program Profile
IIa Astronomy Graduate Handbook Website Address
IIb Astronomy Graduate Catalog Website Address
IIc Astronomy Graduate Course Syllabi File
IId Graduate Student Alumni (13 Year History)
III Undergraduate Program Profile
IIIa Astrophysics Undergraduate Handbook
IIIb Undergraduate Catalog Copy
IIIc Astronomy Undergraduate Course Syllabi File
IIId Astrophysics Senior Thesis Students
IV Statistics
IVa1.D 1993 NRC Ranking of Department vs. Nationwide Rankings
IVa2.D 1993 NRC Ranking of Department vs. other UC Astronomy Departments
IVb.D Ladder Faculty Roster and Demographic Distribution
IVc.D Summary of all Astronomy Course Enrollments
IVd.D Student Workload, Total Faculty, and Workload Ratio Faculty Budgeted FTE History and Payroll Faculty FTE history
IVe.D Ladder Payroll Faculty Course Load and Enrollment History
IVf.D History of TAS, TA, and Grader Budgets from the Division
IVg.D Workload and FTE Definitions
IVa.G History of Graduate Degrees Conferred
IVb.G Graduate Enrollments and Degrees Conferred
IVc.G Ethnicity and Gender Diversity of Graduate Students
IVa.U Headcount Majors History
IVb.U History of Degrees Conferred and Ethnic and Gender Diversity of Majors
V Graduate Student Data
Va History of Astronomy Graduate Student Support
Vb Graduate Student Recruitment Statistics
VI Department General Curriculum Data
VIa Astronomy Course Offerings Fall 2003-Spring 2006