Information for Colloquium Speakers

The Department has made arrangements for a parking permit to be waiting for you at the UCSC main entrance kiosk.  The kiosk is a small red building on the right, just inside the main campus entrance (at the intersection of Bay and High Streets). Details and map for parking near the ISB (Interdisciplinary Sciences Building)  can be found here or by asking the kiosk attendant.

Astronomy colloquia are scheduled from 3:30-5:00 PM Wednesdays. Colloquia are preceded by coffee and cookies and followed by dinner with your faculty host, students and faculty. If you arrive before noon, you will be taken to lunch by a group of graduate students. In order for us to make necessary reservations, please let your faculty host know when we can expect you to arrive on campus and if you will be able to go to lunch and/or dinner.

We ask that you make your own airline and car reservations. If possible, please plan on flying into San Jose Airport, not the San Francisco Airport which is much further away. We can make lodging reservations for you at the Mission Inn. The address of the Mission Inn is 2250 Misson Street, Santa Cruz, 831 425-5455.

Travel Reimbursement

We ask that all Colloquium Speakers stop by the Department Office (ISB 260) prior to their talk to complete the “Payee Set Up Form”.

For reimbursement, Permanent Residents will need to bring a copy of their Permanent Resident Card, and Foreign Visitors will need to bring a copy of the photo page of their passport, a copy of their visa, and complete a “Certificate of Academic Activity” form.

The Department will pay for up to 2 nights lodging. If you are visiting prior to and/or after the colloquium, please confirm with your host what expenses may or may not be covered during that time period.

We ask that yor arrange your own airfare and please book early! We have limited funds and last minute airfare purchases can really take a bite out of our budget.

Please review UCSC’s travel policy prior to submitting for reimbursement:

The Post Trip Guide also includes links to the latest reimbursement forms.

Common Oversights:

•    Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 45 calendar days following the conclusion of travel.
•    Transportation expenses must be based on the most economical mode of transportation and the most commonly traveled route.
•    Airfare - the cost of coach or economy class fare only will be reimbursed.
•    Rental car -reimbursement will be based on the most economical mode of transportation (i.e. economy, compact, and intermediate-sized rental cars). Hand-held or uninstalled GPS devices should not be rented unless the traveler is unfamiliar with the location of travel and requires an exception to policy.
•    Rental Car - the optional insurance waiver offered by the car rental agency is not a reimbursable expense under University policy.
•    Original receipts are required (photocopies will not suffice) for reimbursement of airfare, rental car, and lodging.  Electronic receipts are acceptable as long as the detail provided is sufficient to substantiate the expense.   Reimbursement of ticketless or e-ticket airfare expenses require that the traveler submit a copy of the itinerary, a written receipt obtained at the airport, or a passenger receipt coupon

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