Osterbrock Alumni

The Osterbrock Fellows are UCSC Astronomy grad students who work with the senior fellows getting additional close-at-hand mentoring advice.

    Katie Hamren

  • Katie HamrenKatie defended her PhD, which focused on cool, dusty stars in the Andromeda galaxy, in 2016. Now, instead of using computational and statistical techniques to study the photometry and spectra of stars, she applies them to the financial world and works as a data scientist at the financial technology startup LendUp in downtown San Francisco. LendUp's mission is to provide anyone with a path to better financial health, and Katie is excited to use all of the technical and leadership skills she developed while a graduate student at UCSC and an Osterbrock fellow towards this end.

  • Caroline Morley

  • Caroline MorleyCaroline Morley received her PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics from UC Santa Cruz in 2016. Previously, she attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she received dual degrees in Physics and Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Science. She was one of the two first Osterbrock Fellows, and she found the process of helping the fledgling program grow and evolve to be both educational and rewarding. During her PhD, she studied the important role of clouds and hazes in the atmospheres of exoplanets and brown dwarfs. She is now a NASA Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University, where she is continuing her work to determine the properties of planets from super Earths to super Jupiters, using computational models to decipher their spectra. Her work provides a foundation to study truly Earth-like planets that may harbor lifeforms like (or unlike!) those on Earth in the decades to come. 

  • Alex Rudy

  • Alex Rudy

    Alexander Rudy is a fifth year Astronomy PhD Student at UC Santa Cruz, studying the evolution of massive galaxies and developing new techniques for adaptive optics systems. He is the current Laboratory Director for the Adaptive Optics Summer School hosted by the Center for Adaptive Optics. Alexander serves as one of the graduate student liaisons to the faculty, working to organize the graduate students and advocate on their behalf. He served as the treasurer of the Graduate Student Commons in 2014-2015. He received a B.A. in Physics from Pomona College in 2011, and spent a year in Taiwan working on various astronomical instrumentation projects as a Fulbright Scholar.