Osterbrock Fellows 2019-2020

    Rosa Wallace Everson

  • Rosa Wallace Everson

    Rosa Wallace Everson is a NSF Graduate Fellow, Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellow, and Osterbrock Fellow in Astronomy & Astrophysics at UC Santa Cruz, where she studies the evolution of interacting binary stars using semi-analytical and numerical methods, with a focus on common envelope evolution. With Bachelors degrees in both Theatre and Physics, she spent nearly a decade as a professional musician and performing artist prior to training as a scientist. Rosa seeks to integrate her broad experience to bridge science and society, advocate for diversity and inclusion in STEM fields, and inspire and support the next generation of researchers. Recent successes include leading the effort to craft and pass the 2016 Society of Physics Students Statement on Diversity and Inclusivity, which encourages inclusion, support, and retention in undergraduate physics departments on the national level, as well as founding the Osterbrock/Women in Physics and Astrophysics Bridge Scholarship at UC Santa Cruz, which assists undergraduate women and minorities in STEM by directly reducing the financial burden of the graduate school application process.


  • Namrata Roy

  • Namrata Roy
    I was born in the beautiful city of Kolkata in Eastern India and moved to the US for doing my graduate studies in 2016. I completed my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Physics from Presidency University, Kolkata. Being in a very strong physics department, I had an intense Physics training throughout my undergraduate years but not so much in astronomy. That is because astronomy is still a growing discipline in India, especially at the undergraduate level. 
    However, I was very lucky to find astronomy connections within the department towards the later years of my B.Sc and throughout my Master's years. I was mentored and advised by professional astronomers who were trained in astronomy in the US and eventually came back to their hometown in India to encourage more young students towards astronomy. My interaction with them was the prime motivating factor for me to choose an astronomy career and to be so passionate about it. In terms of research interests, I have worked in a variety of things, ranging from black holes spewing radiation as in Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), to solar physics and flares. Now I mostly work at the interface between galaxy evolution and AGN physics and how a galaxy is affected by stuff coming out from the black holes in their center. 
    Similar to my undergraduate mentors, I want to eventually go back to my country and help build a stronger astronomy community and make it a component in the undergraduate curriculum. That will require leadership, organizational and management skills alongside formal academic training. I am very excited to be a part of the Osterbrock program and to acquire all those skill sets during my graduate studies. As an Osterbrock fellow, I wish to organize projects and programs that will strengthen international collaboration amongst astronomers and at the same time make it more accessible to the younger population via different outreach programs. I hope this would eventually pave the way for achieving my longer-term goal of making astronomy education more accessible to the young population in India. 

  • Alexa Villaume

  • Alexa VillaumeI'm in my sixth and final year of graduate school. My research is focused on understanding how some of the most massive galaxies in our universe came to be the way they are in the present-day. I think a vibrant culture of teaching, mentoring, and community engagement immeasurably helps with the production of high-quality research. In addition to my work as an Osterbrock Fellow, I am a co-organizer of Astronomy on Tap Santa Cruz and I'm known to give public lectures on astronomy at various places around town.