UCSC Science Internship Program (SIP) participants are recognized in prestigious Siemens STEM competition

SIP had a total of seven semi-finalists and two regional finalists who submitted papers based on their research in the UCSC summer program.

October 29, 2012

On October 19, the Siemens Foundation announced the Semifinalists and Regional Finalists of the Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology, revealing the brightest high school minds in contention for the nation’s most coveted teen science prize. 

Participants from UC Santa Cruz's "SIP" program who were recognized:

7 semifinalists (total of ~ 325 students selected nationwide)

- Michelle Guo (Irvington HS)
      mentors: Evan Kirby, Michelle Deng, Raja GuhaThakurta

-  Jesse Hanson (Scappoose HS)
     mentors: Janet Colucci, Rebecca Bernstein

- Teresa Krause (Castilleja)
      mentors: Katie Hamren, Nick Taber, Raja GuhaThakurta

- Andrew Luo (Harker)
      mentors: Xander Thelen, Kirsten Howley, Raja GuhaThakurta

- Debnil Sur (Bellarmine College Prep)
      mentors: Elisa Toloba, Raja GuhaThakurta

- Ravi Tadinada (Harker)
      mentors: Janet Colucci, Rebecca Bernstein

- Andrew Zhang (Harker)
      mentors: Evan Kirby, Michelle Deng, Raja GuhaThakurta

in addition:
- Meghana Bhat (Castilleja) was a 2011 SIP student in the Physics department
at UCSC.

2 regional finalists (total of ~ 95 students selected nationwide):
Regional finalists are invited to compete at one of six regional events held over three consecutive weekends in November.

- Zareen Choudhury (Harker)
      mentors: Evan Kirby, Raja GuhaThakurta

- Caroline Debs (Castilleja)
      mentors: Evan Kirby, Raja GuhaThakurta

in addition:
- Paulomi Bhattacharya & Ashvin Swaminathan (both at Harker) were 2011 SIP
students in the Chemistry and Astronomy/Astrophysics departments at UCSC,

About SIP

While textbook learning remains an essential component of science education, nothing helps develop truly relevant skills and understanding better than experiential learning. In keeping with this belief, Astronomer and Professor Raja Guhathakurta of UC Santa Cruz founded the Science Internship Program (SIP) in the summer of 2009.  SIP is a one-of-a-kind program that pairs high schoolers with UCSC research teams for 6-10 summer weeks. Through SIP, students become full-time interns and team-members, performing essential research and contributing to cutting-edge scientific discoveries. Our overarching goal is to engage students in real-world, relevant research that cultivates a sense of scientific inquiry.

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