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Computational:  UCSC is one of the national centers for research in computational astrophysics, and is host to the High Performance AstroComputing Center (HIPACC).
Extragalactic & Cosmology:  Extragalactic astronomy and cosmology represent UCSC's efforts to understand the structure and evolution of the universe on the largest scales.
high energy particles
High Energy & Particle Astrophysics:  Some of the key high-energy and particle astrophysics projects ongoing at UCSC are; Supernovae, hypernovae, and Gamma-ray bursts, Black Holes and Neutron stars.
honors and awards
Honors & Awards:  The Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at UCSC has a long history of distinguished and prestigious accomplishments.  Our faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers are recognized both nationally and internationally for their outstanding achievements and contributions.
Instrumentation:  UCSC is the home of one of the preeminent astrophysical instrumentation centers: the UCO/Lick Observatory Technical Facilities.
Milky Way and Environs: Research on the Milky Way and nearby galaxies at UCSC covers a wide range of topics, including the star formation and the interstellar medium, stellar evolution, and stellar populations.
Planetary:  Planetary science covers studies of both bodies in this Solar System, and the 300 or so exoplanets known in other planetary systems.  Research typically focuses on determining the structure and evolution of these bodies, and how they interact with each other.