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Department Chair: Raja Guha Thakurta Department Manager: Lindsay Lauver
Vice Chair: Jonathan Fortney Graduate Advisor: Libby Severson
Graduate Program Director: Andrew Skemer Department Assistant: Naomi Epps
Undergraduate Program Director: Natalie Batalha Program Coordinator, Astrobiology Institute: Deana Tanguay
Harland W Epps
  • Title
    • Astronomer
    • Emeritus Professor of Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Division Physical & Biological Sciences Division
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    • Astronomy & Astrophysics Department
    • UC Observatories
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    • 191 Nat Sci 2
  • Mail Stop UCO / Lick Observatory
  • Faculty Areas of Expertise Astronomy, Astrophysics

Research Interests

My research deals with the design and construction of high-performance optics for astronomy. My pioneering collimator and camera designs for spectrographs such as COSMIC at Palomar, HECTOCHELLE and BINOSPEC on MMT, IMACS on Magellan I, and LRIS, HIRES, ESI and DEIMOS on Keck 1 and Keck 2 are key to modern quantitative investigations of the Universe by many optical astronomers. MOSFIRE, a fully cryogenic near-ir spectrograph for KECK 1, is my latest design. It will be the most powerful instrument of its kind in the world when it is commissioned early in 2011.

Biography, Education and Training

Academic Bio
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison (1964) in theoretical astrophysics.
Professor of Astronomy, UCLA 1965-1988
Visiting Scientist, Steward Observatory, University of Arizona 1973-1974
Visiting Scientist, OCIW (Carnegie, Pasadena) 1988-1989
Astronomer and Professor, UCSC 1989-Present
Consultant in Optical Design 1968-Present