Astronomy Club

Welcome to the Astronomy Club at UCSC! 

We are a student-led, registered UCSC organization, whose mission is to provide outreach events, such as star gazing parties, observing classes, and guest speakers. Our events are free and open to anyone who is interested. If you would like us to organize an event for you, please allow us at least 2 weeks notice.

Club Officers / Contact Information

Graduate Officers

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or feedback. You can also sign up for our mailing list or check up on our recent events here.


Most events will take place on the UCSC campus, on a field behind the Music Center. We will be setting up numerous telescopes. Visitors will be taken on a tour of the night sky from planets and moons within our solar system to star forming nebulae to ancient globular clusters to decaying remnants of exploded stars to neighboring galaxies.

Please Note:  All star gazing parties have the possibility of being cancelled at the last minute due to bad weather.  Please check this website prior to departing for the event!

What you will need

  • Warm Clothes
  • Flashlight

Printable Map to Observing Area