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Post-Travel Form

  • Complete the top left portion of the document, sign on the bottom left corner, attach receipts (preferably taped to a sheet of paper and not stapled) and submit to the department assistant’s mailbox in ISB 260 for processing. Questions can be sent to astroadm@ucsc.edu
  • If travel is provided through UCO funds, please reach out to Camille Martinez at camille@ucolick.org for processing.

Travel Advance Request (TAR) Form

  • To receive advance reimbursement for travel expenses, complete this form and submit to the department assistant’s mailbox in ISB 260 or send scans to astroadm@ucsc.edu

Combining Personal/Professional Travel

If you are combining a personal trip with your UC travels, please contact the department assistant in advance of purchasing flights and other arrangements at astroadm@ucsc.edu




Residency Reclassification

Every entering student is classified as a resident or nonresident of California for tuition purposes. U.S. citizens and permanent residents who have come to UCSC from outside the state of California should be reminded to take steps to establish California residency as soon as possible through the Residence Deputy in the Office of the Registrar. Domestic nonresident students must establish California residency by the beginning of their second year. Information on requirements and procedures for establishing legal residency can be found in the Residency section of the Office of the Registrar web page, or contact the Campus Residency Deputy, Office of the Registrar.

Residency Reclassification Resources